Love it when kids good wow and awesome after using a new cool piece of software…

Scatch is just an excellent starting place for young children on the road to being budding programmers.

Google Sketchup - Year 4s designing buildings for their enterprise project, imagination used for a real world situations.

Liking robot stuff at the moment, seen this one at Bett2012 excellent…..

Teachers guide to twitter, excellent…..

Just been sent a VIP pass to the BigBangFair2012 check out the link and carry on….

Post – Bett 2012

Post Bett 2012

The cost…rail un-fair, time I will never see again and maybe the chance to get the not so uncompromising thrill of tube travel…just lovely

So what did I think? Not much to ignite the creative juices really, more useful to meet and greet real educators. Wanted something to jump out and wow me but perhaps I was looking in the wrong place…

Back at the coal face and downloading Scratch as fast as my connection would allow. Excellent program but seems to conflict in some way with Microsoft office. The Y5 class will be blown away by making the robot sing, dance and move (Creative curriculum – Ironman). Back to Bett and one young lady had a fantastic programable robot, in fact the most interesting thing at the show, apart from Johnny Ball….Legend

So after a couple of hundred miles round trip the most productive section of the day was talking app’s with Gethmyster and the creation of….on the homeward train journey. Note to self…get cracking on the app thing….

This week has seen a lot of videoing for schools, some radio work and some blogging. The most interesting thing has to be the most surprising, Lego. After looking at their stand at Bett and it was interesting but doesn’t really engage me somehow. But I was walking through a school hall this week when bam…fantastic, KS2 making lego cities, houses with lights, streets…WOW. Some primary teacher had started an after school club with lego and ended up doing it as a workshop for other schools…simple but the best ideas are.

Just finishing a project making phonic’s video for KS1 parents. Should be in the can by tomorrow and with parents by next week. The children were the stars here, they acted out the phonics sounds for the clips, well done kids.

More TV shows this week, check it out here…

go google….

Hey how behind am I…have been using a google mail account for ages. Went to an event yesterday looking at slivers of new technologies and BAM…….why haven’t I been using my apps….cause I haven’t had my head in the clouds…but I have found the cloud now

thats it….I am no longer on virgin soil….a google form that integrates with as many users as you want….wow

road to nowhere………..52 Geo. 3, c. 16

Media is an interesting thing…all consuming media…as a child media was available but not really know as media, it only became media over the last decade or so. See it, hear it, use it, can’t live without it. Imagine a day without media communications, no phone, no broadband, no on-the-move tablet or device. No social media, Fb or tweets fall off the page…what would we all do?

Not being of a digital Luddite persuasion, I feel carried along by waves of menacing broadband connectivity but still aware enough to ask the questions…are we selling ourselves to the digital devil? The young are enslaved by the concept of carrying a mobile device before being able to ride a bike…stabilises on (insert – Pay as you go)

Radio, Television, we listen to them and crave information…but the visualisation and substance can be obtained through new and exciting ways, at the age of 11 or 12 I made a tray on the crossbar of my bicycle to carry a small transistor radio. I couldn’t bike the 10 minute journey from home to school at lunchtime without musical input. Today the passion remains but the methods of input are slightly different….radio 5 or 2, CD from the eighty’s stroke nineties, on occasions of complete obsession ipod and earphones while selecting a playlist from the past.


Shepherd’s Resting

So after another hectic week of deficits and anticipation referencing “The End is Nye” has the World changed….well no not really…. According to your friends at
Per minute : 267 born, 108 die, (net population increase: 159)

To those who are brought into this existence and for those unfortunates who depart, there moment of enlightenment is significant and the problems of the World are of little consequence. However, what about us of the middle life platform? Sitting comfortably between the entrance doors and the final trapdoor. This is not a morbid look at life but that of a detached spotlight on the overall complexities of living. Or maybe and more likely it’s the inner rumblings of mid life questions appearing.

Media is a guide rope…my earliest memories are of a wooden cased television set dominating a room styled in 60′s paraphernalia. Those early days of black and white television, Watch with Mother and the such like formulated my need for media input. As a school boy I found radio….Radio has been and remains the cornerstone of life itself…from those early days of pirate radio and the first listen to something of interest…Love building on fire by the Talking Heads…WOW


“beware the Ides of March.”

Welcome to my World

I can’t promise you a roller coaster ride, nor an up to minute account of my life…..but maybe now and again just a glimpse into my brain and how it reacts and deals with everyday modern life.

Questions focusing on everyday occurrences are always on the agenda while driving to an from work…..why is she standing against that wall every morning and where is she off to….do the staff at McD’s know me by now….they must….the man with the 9 o.clock latte

Latte dependancy takes hold