My World through a lens…

Life moves to quickly and so some times you need to stand still……….and just look around………Our super speed, super highway lives are devouring the vital seconds, minutes, hours and days. The time spent gazing at one screen or another for the latest tweet or post soon breaks the back of your waking hours.

So if we stop, look around and take a few seconds just to focus on our World it may bring moments in time back into focus rather being obscured by a screen. I am not a luddite, for from it but I do think moments in life need to be recorded and used at a productive moment. Recalling or reflecting is a crucial part of teaching practice and as much a part of learning for our pupils.

So why not encourage your students to record images of life, store them and reflect on them. For my part I will be teaching pupils how to use a camera productively, how to edit images and how to safely share them. Setting up a flickr account has been my starting point, uploading life images for other to view and reflect on.

Please comment and use my images but not for profit or resale.



Living in apple times….

I love twitter, unfortunately I just don’t get enough time to search through all the tweets. Occasionally I find an interesting link tweeted from someones blog and it really makes me sit up and think about its content.

But when it comes to the  specific task of helping students, what’s the best app in education? “A web browser,” said Chris Lehmann, Principal of Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, a school that’s embraced technology for years. “Or a Google Doc, or anything that gives you the ability to make a film, or to research, to create, to connect or collaborate,” he said.

Lehmann is famous in progressive education circles for his quote: “Technology must be like oxygen: ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible.” His point: The best technology allows students to explore and create “artifacts of their own learning.”

This comes after a couple of weeks where all I have heard is ipad, ipad, ipad….I am still sceptical…are educationalists blinded by the Wow factor of Apple products which is in itself a pretty exciting experience. Well I have an ipad which sits on our living room table as a quick reference guide, photo gallery, missed media viewer and sometimes we even check our emails online. What a brilliant device, you could say excellent even, but for the price and how open it can be on a network should it be used in a school environment?

Will ipad’s used by the school SMT need to be encrypted? When will the first school be prosecuted for not buying the correct licenses for their app’s per device?

Interesting these apple times….