The simple things…..

Sometimes a lesson can just drift on the wind and although learning may be taking place things just aren’t right for one reason or another. The complex learning undertaken by teachers in order to be “qualified” will be substantial but the fact remains that they are not the finished article and never will be. Teaching must be about adapting, creating and continuous self reflection and then start the process again. What is my point? I am barking at the moon….

How do you stay up to date with software, hardware, apps and the flavour of the day curriculum changes? Education moves so quickly, time as a child in the classroom moves so quickly….does education stay relevant for the lives children live.

Hmmm….I have honed my twitter account @mediaonabicycle¬†to capture just education tweets, well thats the idea. When I started with twitter it was fun and I like many others followed the sports and media celebs, ok some of it was interesting but not relevant to my search to adapt. Having shaved those not required for twitter service off the followers list my education tweets flow fast with interesting resources and ideas. My schools are fast championing the twitter revolution and that a major bonus for parents wondering what has little Peaches and Carter are doing at school today. Regular tweets can be achieved throughout the day by using bufferapp¬†which seems a very useful tool to release your tweets over a timed periods during the day.


SketchUp and rest……..

Ok so I have been industrious today. SketchUp is the educational flavour of the month, well in this area anyway. And the bone thrown in my direction is set to develop into a fine learning outcome for myself and hopefully my pupils.

From building an Art Gallery to creating a digital town SketchUp is the technological cornerstone to develop within a changeling ICT curriculum. It runs in parallel with my strangely named old friend “Gimp” which also the the ability to develop animation skills.

For a considerable period ICT has drifted in the digital wind, it is only now that the seeds dispersed and fallen have rooted and developed into the food source of hungry technology educators.

Just blowing in the wind…….