Shepherd’s Resting

So after another hectic week of deficits and anticipation referencing “The End is Nye” has the World changed….well no not really…. According to your friends at
Per minute : 267 born, 108 die, (net population increase: 159)

To those who are brought into this existence and for those unfortunates who depart, there moment of enlightenment is significant and the problems of the World are of little consequence. However, what about us of the middle life platform? Sitting comfortably between the entrance doors and the final trapdoor. This is not a morbid look at life but that of a detached spotlight on the overall complexities of living. Or maybe and more likely it’s the inner rumblings of mid life questions appearing.

Media is a guide rope…my earliest memories are of a wooden cased television set dominating a room styled in 60′s paraphernalia. Those early days of black and white television, Watch with Mother and the such like formulated my need for media input. As a school boy I found radio….Radio has been and remains the cornerstone of life itself…from those early days of pirate radio and the first listen to something of interest…Love building on fire by the Talking Heads…WOW


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