Scratch for Beginners (Videos included)

Getting started
Once you have found the scratch online homepage you can start discovering the joys of making animations and games in scratch.

I have added a few videos to help the beginner with some of the basic steps using scratch block coding.

How to open Scratch online
Using a browser (Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge) to search for scratch online

Online Safety – Always think about staying safe when online. You can update your online safety knowledge here.

Saving work to your device – To save a project to your computer use the File menu and select Save to your computer. 

Opening a saved project from your computer – Simple open scratch online, select File and Load from your computer. You will need to find where you stored your project.

You can download Scratch to your PC, Mac, Chromebook or Andriod device.
(Downloads are done so at own risk)

Adding basic movement to a sprite (1)
Using blocks to get a sprite to move.

About Scratch
Scratch is a free online or downloadable programming block language for children. It has been developed by MIT media lab as a not for profit educational tool, to build coding experience and skills in young children.

Basic movement and positioning you sprite (2)
Getting your sprite to start in the same position on the screen.

Information for Parents and Educators

Basic movement – Changing direction using keyboard arrow keys. (3)
Basic movement – Adding new keys to your Scratch project (4)
Changing direction using up, down, left and right keyboard arrows.
Basic movement – Using an if statement (5)
An if statement asks a question, Is the cat touching the ball? It will keep asking the question until the cat touches the ball and then it will do something. In this case the cat will say “I have the ball”.