Algorithms, Coding, Bugs and Debugging

Here we are looking at some basic computer terms. I have linked each of the terms to a video. The answers are near the bottom of this page.

Can you name three digital devices? Think of electronic devices that link to the internet.

What is an algorithm?

What is computer code or coding?

What is a computer bug?

What is debugging?

Changing algorithms into code

Here is an example of an algorithm showing how to draw a circle. Remember that algorithms are lists of instructions to complete a task.

Once you’ve watched the video have a look at this scratch project. Try putting the blocks in the right order so you can make a circle.


digital device is an electronic device that can receive, store, process or send digital information. Laptop, Personal computer, Smart TV, Smart Phone, iPad or Tablet.

An algorithm is a set of rules or instructions used to complete a task. An example could be, a list of instructions for making a cup of tea or the steps needed to use a cash point machine. Making a list of steps on paper before trying to code a game is an algorithm. Start, Ask a question, Response, Is the answer correct (IF no, say sorry that’s wrong or IF yes, Say that’s right).

Here is a Video explaining an algorithm and code and the project file in Scratch for you to have a go. Save to your computer using the File and Save to your computer or make an account in Scratch and save a copy of my project there.

Computers use code to complete tasks. Webpages are coded in the language HTML. Scratch uses a blocks of code the allow children learn the basics fundamentals of coding.

Coding can be very complex and sometimes coders (people who write the code) make errors. Errors in coding are called Bugs. It can be as simple as the wrong spelling of a word or the incorrect order of the code. After testing your code and findings bugs you will need to Debug your code. To debug, is to check the code for errors and sort out any problems. Don’t forget to retest on completion.

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