Audacity – Recording and Editing Sounds

Audacity is a free, open source, cross-platform piece of software for recording and editing sounds.

You will need to download the free software from the link above (downloading is done at own risk). The software can be downloaded in Windows, MAC and Linux versions.

Tutorials – There are many online tutorials for using Audacity and this set made by (Best Audio Editing & Recording FREE Software “Audacity”) is very good. Check out their help videos below.
Best Audio Editing & Recording FREE Software “Audacity”

Planning a Project using Audacity

Once the children have gained an understanding of the basic tools, copy, paste, select, time shift and importing audio, the children plan the composition by choosing six audio tracks from a list. On completion of the planning sheet the children will open and edit their audacity project by importing the files and save the project into a network folder. Planning sheet Completed planning sheet